McCallum's Chuck,  

McCallum's Made  X  McCallum's Star ,    
Chucks first look at 13 weeks, l look for him to show me he has the
tools he will need to do his job.   Will he grow up to be a Cowdog ?
McCallums Broke

Direct descendant of McDangle,   
(1958-64) my fathers best dog
McCallums Sledge

This is a McCallums Boss
X           McCallums Bruce, son.
This   breeding produced great
McCallum Cowdogs :           The source
They worked in hot , hard , rugged country and had to have the independence to
work alone and get the job done

l claim no secrets in producing good cattle dogs, only  enough dedication and
honesty to evaluate every dog on his merit and to stick to my own standards
without deviation....
McCallum Cowdogs
We only breed from dogs tough
enough to handle all types of

We used hard work under
extreme conditions as our only
selection for type and work.

The dogs l bred and chose to
keep had the want and ability to
move cattle , yet still know when
to ease off and let cattle travel
Tony McCallum

Doggy Steps
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