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We have new Australian
Champions after the
"Goonoo Goonoo" Station
Cattledog Challenge.
Firstly we would like to thank "Goonoo Goonoo Pastoral" for supplying  such a good venue and supplying not only the cattle but a lot of
help. Our sponsors Landmark Tamworth also, chipping in with prizes, marquee and PA system.

The course was both interesting and testing, a few traps involved, though it appeared straight forward. The initial cast was deceptive and the gully
and creek fooled a few dogs and handlers. The cattle had to be diverted from a straight return as there was quite a sheer drop off, and once that
was avoided some faith was needed to trust the dog to bring them across and not along the creek, whilst all were out of sight.
Then for full points the 8 head, 10 in the finals, had to be directed between 2 trees  just a few meters apart. Next step was into the yards, and then
out again. For full points handler had to remain outside the yard, this was a test as all fresh cattle were on hay in adjoining yards, proving a tough
job for almost all. Once out the cattle were turned up the fence and pushed away, the dog called off and sent to jump in a truck. This gave cattle a
head start, so they had to be blocked then put through a gapped corner fence then held up again to be turned out into the finished cattle paddock.

It was good watching and the crowd seemed to enjoy the efforts of all, not only those that did well. We had some Queenslanders come down and
hope to run a few more Challenges up North soon.

Now to the finalists
1. D.Matthews and Spider                    score 206     time 8.00
2. J. Mace  and Oakley                                      202              8.00
3.  C. Reynolds and Slug                                  234             6.46
4. C. Bagnall      and Turbo                               246             5.49
5. D. Matthews    and Lance                            240              6.55
6. J.Mace            and Milo                                  234              7.48

A range of styles, work and breeds represented in the final, but all had gotten the job done. A couple of extra head added for their last run, and it
was a little warmer conditions. Dog and handlers knew some of the course pitfalls now though and the top three to take advantage of that were

Winner             C. Bagnall  with Turbo  , who took advantage of their first round lead , by adding another sound run for a total score of
     536    in an all over time       13mins 47 secs

Runner-up       C. Reynolds  with Slug,                             524                                            11mins  54 secs

Third                  D. Matthews   with Lance                         510                                             14mins 55secs

Congratulations to all   
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Doggy Steps
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                           from left, Judge: Tony McCallum,
 Third:   Dan Matthews,
 Second:  Chad Reynolds,
                                                                                                             2013 AUSCC
Australian Champion:  Chris Bagnall
This is eventual winner, Chris Bagnall,
working his dog Turbo in the first round
This is overall runner-up Chad Reynolds
working Slug in the Finals