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Woolbrook Bushmans Cattledog Challenge.

A very pleasant, but chilly morn , saw a gathering of stockman ready to participate in an
unusual challenge. For this event the organisers wanted two full rounds. The first was for
each stockman to work 2 dogs simultaneously to take 2 head of fresh stock around the
course. They were free to work each dog as they deemed fit to complete each job. There
were cattle left in the open yard adjoining the course , so it was a difficult job to keep the
2 head moving away from their mates. The cogs were cranking among the stockmen ,
when after the first 4 runs no one had achieved a delivery. Young Zac Ede came out and
broke the ice by putting up a score , straight after Dan Matthews followed suit and got
around the course. Another rough patch followed, before a few handlers again mastered
the tricky situation . The best 3 runs came late in the first round when Ross Green, Chris
Bagnall and Joel Mace all put good scores on the board.
For the second round you choose the better of your dogs and had to complete the same
set of jobs but with 5 head. With more points now (as it is 5 points per Hd per job
completed) There was room for all to catch the leaders if they faltered. More completed
the tasks this time round, but it was newcomer Hamish McLaren that made a push by
putting up a very good run and moving up the ladder. It was now up to the 2 leaders from
the first round Chis Bagnall and Joel Mace to hold their nerve. They ran back to back, and
obliged by putting up the 2 high scores for the challenge.

A great day, good atmosphere and people willing to give a tough format a try. Thanks to
all , organisers, helpers, caterers and yardmen alike.

1st Chris Bagnall              Turbo 188
2nd Joel Mace                Oakley 175
3rd Hamish McLaren       Murray 149       Good Job everyone.
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Doggy Steps
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Early morning cuppa and a discussion on
the days challenge course.
Dog of the Year

2012 "Lance"    D. Matthews
2013 "Lance"    D. Matthews
2014  "Lance"   D. Matthews
2015 "Oakley"   J. Mace        
The judge with winner Chris Bagnall ,
2nd Joel Mace and 3rd Hamish McLaren
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