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About US
Our main aims are :

* to encourage  friendly and unbiased challenges for stockmen
and cattle dogs that are objective and  determined by how effectively they
complete the jobs before them.

*to provide a challenge to show the talents of genuine working cattle dogs.

*to establish a variety of working challenges that will show off cattle dogs
in as close to normal work situations as we can.

*to provide tasks that will demonstrate how calm handling of cattle with
working dogs results in a more efficient completion of these jobs.

The tasks will be as varied as the work done by our cattle dogs around the
country on a daily basis. The number of cattle worked and type of location  
is also changing with the challenges.

By providing a variety in these challenges we hope that the more
competent , consistent and versatile dogs will rise to the top.
Each year, these consistent teams at the top of the standings will be
chosen for  a
"State Of Origin" Team    enabling them to work as a
representative of their state.