A great setting , good cattle and challenging course, made for an enjoyable day for dogs and
handlers. Byron , Chris and Emma had a testing task set for the dogs, starting with a lengthy
200m cast over undulating ground. The cattle were sighted from the start position but went out of
sight before they reached the delivery point. All competitors got a most even start, the stockman
placed and settled the mob identically for all workers, a credit to them.
Next task was a basic placement of cattle between two large trees, quite close together, which
was completed by most . Then on to a double  task, place the 5 head into an open ended pen but
the dog had to hold them in there while the gate was open to acquire points. This proved difficult
for many. The worker could then choose to regather and gain extra points for getting all through
the gate .
It was then on to a path to the gate out into the holding paddock, via two panels set up to place
cattle above the gate. The clock was stopped once all cattle had cleared the gate and the dog was
called in behind horse or handler.
A few dogs were cracked off for failing to get delivery at distance in the required time but most
teams , even newcomers, made there way around the course in a workman like manner.
Those that handled the jobs the best were finalists
D. Matthews, Spider
C. Bagnall, Boxer
Z. Eade, Rocky
D. Matthews, Lance
C. Bagnall, Turbo
J. Randall, Dane

After a good quality final, and some clever dog work the placings were
as follows, scores from an available 300 combined points and a total 16 minutes.

1st  .D Matthews , Spider , 250  in 11.04'
2nd .D.Matthews, Lance, 250  in 14.26'
3rd  . J. Randall, Dane  , 240 in 10.51'

Congratulations to all those who put themselves and their dogs to the test. And a big thank you
to Byron Hubbard and Chris Bagnall and the families and helpers for such a good day and a
successful challenge!
2012 Balarang Challenge
Organiser Chris Bagnall, presents Placegetters
Dan Matthews and Jonathan Randall with Trophy
and cheques at the Balarang Station Challenge,
and below some competitors and crew on the day.
A few of the Balarang Stockmen and Competitors
A chill wind blasted the Yarrowitch Challenge, but the competition was
hot all day.
Some good runs were posted early in the draw, so the benchmark was
set high.
The cattle were good but testing, they were their to be worked but
would punish mishandling.
The course was designed with an easy or hard option on most jobs ,
and encouraged stockmen to balance out what would work for them
The day ran quickly and efficiently , the organisers Vince Costigan, Ian,
Belinda and Sam Colwell and all their helpers did a great job all round.

At the end of the first round , the eight teams that had worked their 6
head the best and went into the final were:
1. D. Matthews.............Spider
2. M. Wilkinson.............Sarge
3.C. Bagnall...................Boxer
4.L. Collins ...................Jack
5.I. Colwell......................Red
6.J. Byrne........................Brian
7.C. Bagnall....................Turbo
8.V. Costigan..................Dinny
The line of cattle saved for the final had a healthy respect for dogs, this
made it a cliffhanger finish. Milo and Murray had made the final equal on
238 pts apiece.
Milo and Spider put up a near perfect 245 in the quick time of 5.46
leaving Murray and Sarge the challenge of a the maximum 250 pts to
win. This pair kept the crowd on the edge of it seat right till the last job,
but full control landed them the top score.
Third placegetters Chris and Boxer were right in it with a very clean run
in the final, as were the other finalists.

Final Placings
Winners .. Murray Wilkinson and Sarge
Runners up.. Dan Matthews and Spider
Third place .. Chris Bagnall and Boxer.

Congratulations to all competitors and organisers,
hope to see you at Balarang next Sunday 26/8/'12.
Yarrowitch Challenge 2012
Murray Wilkinson is presented  the winners
trophy, donated by Ian Cox of Attunga, by the
Woolbrook Challenge President Dan Matthews.
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Linton Station 2012

The Challenge at Linton Station was well worth the trip into the Hills.
A good line of cattle were supplied and the set up made the dogs hunt
for the cattle. In the first round the 10 head were set up on a ridge
behind a thick stand of trees, and were mostly unsighted to the dogs ,
handlers and spectators. There was a need to place some faith in the
dogs to locate the cattle  and bring them  back  to the delivery. Once in
sight they had to be turned  and steered through 2 large trees for a full
point delivery, this proved tricky if you could not settle and control the
mob. Overall dogs worked above expectations and many got a lot of the
jobs completed. These 5 finalists managed to get that done, then draft
off 3 head in the yards and manouvre them back outside and through a
couple of jobs before they went out the gate and back to their hills.
1. P. Stevenson.....Nell
2. D.Matthews....Spider
3. R. Puddicombe...Lote
4. M. Morris .....Tilly
5. D. Matthews...Lance.

Come the final, the cattle were set way behind the ridge and the dogs
had to really get out there to find them to even begin the challenge.
Handlers had an anxious wait , trusting that the dog would deliver the
mob in the alloted time. None were cooler than Peter Stevenson, as
minutes passed with no cattle in sight, but once they appeared it was a
masterful job of completing the run with full points. This proved a load
for those that followed , knowing they could not miss one beast
through one job, the pressure was on. And it was enough pressure to
see those that followed falter and leave him in the lead.
Winners. P. Stevenson and Nell    310
Second M. Morris and Tilly               298
Third    D. Matthews and Lance       295

A special thanks to Chad Reynolds who tirelessly set the cattle single
handed all day. And a further thanks to his brother Scott, who
handcrafted the very impressive and unique trophy for this Challenge.
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