M aintaining a pure strain of the McCallum Cowdog

C hallenging breeders to improve the working attributes of this breed

A ssisting those who breed, train or work the McCallum Cowdog
-We keep a registry, for members, of all elligible dogs and their

-We promote their use among serious cattlemen.

-We encourage evaluation of breeding stock.

-We recognise accomplishments of outstanding specimens.

-We hold an International competition each year and award a
"Dog of the Year"
Membership  Enables you to register dogs, participate in special trials, nominate for dog of the year, access info
on breeding and training.

Register your dog  Have access to full history of your dog, breeding traits, eligibility for dog of year. Find
suitable pure McCallums for breeding purposes. Keep track of offspring.

Register Of Merit  This is a list of dogs whose performance and/or breeding record has qualified them to be
registered R.O.M.  and noted as an important influence at stud and in promoting the strain.