McCallum's Chuck,

McCallum's Made  X  McCallum's Star

Chucks first look at 13 weeks, he is a free moving pup, looks
for the head and seems able to manage his stock without
over work.
McCallums Star, his dam, was a powerful female
with plenty of vigour and has made a great brood bitch.
McCallum's Shades,  

McCallum's Cloud  X  McCallum's Ellie

This is Shades second look at 15 weeks, he is a calm pup but blocks hard. He
does not wait for movement but compels the stock to move off him.
His sire,
McCallums Cloud is a hard dog ,great bites both ends, but is also
His Dam,
McCallums Ellie is a natural thinking bitch,  the McCallum's Boss  X    
McCallum's Bruce
, both deceased, mating produced some of the best all
round working cowdogs ever.

First look at stock
If they don't pass this stage, you wont get them !
Testing our pups:
This pup was stranded by flood waters and was
late arriving here. l put him down for his first
evaluation a few weeks later than l normally do.
We just watch to see his intent and if he has an
approach that will suit cow work ,    Tony
This 12 year old dog below is the pup to the lefts grandsire
on both sides. Here l saw some of my cattle had got
through a fence . They had swum the river and were
heading up a track to the neighbors. l needed him to stop
them, bring them back and headed to the right. From there
l could go to a low point and bring them back across the